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Going above and beyond to keep you above board

It’s easier to succeed when you’re compliant and in control of your business. Through EMA Legal you’ll receive cutting-edge employment law advice and representation, focusing on strategic solutions that are legally sound, cost-effective, practical – and minimise the risks of litigation. 

Our team will support you nationally with a range of employment relations resources including up-to-date policies, templates, and guides on everything from employment agreements, to leave and absenteeism, through to disciplinary issues. Contact Legal at and we’ll connect you with the solutions you need. 

Your outsourced
legal solution

EMA Legal can partner with your business and support you with the full range of employment law and employment relations issues.

We can help you with:

- Investigations

- Employment agreements

- Performance management

- Incapacity

- Bullying

- Sexual harassment

- Personal grievances
- Governance support

- Policies

- Disciplinary processes

- Restructuring

- Redundancy

- Legislative compliance

- Settlement agreements
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Legal - Mediation

End-to-end mediation

Our accredited EMA mediators offer an all-encompassing service. Wherever you find yourself in the life cycle of a dispute, our goal is to reach a sustainable resolution. 

We can mitigate conflicts before they escalate – we are your safety barrier to halt conflict in its tracks.

If prevention is no longer an option, we can facilitate resolution through constructive agreement in disputes, between both employee-employee, and with the employer.

Our mediation service also provides post-investigation relationship restoration.

Consultants for
the complex and contentious

Connect with our expert consultants and employment lawyers at Member-only rates. Investing upfront in expertise can prevent denting your reputation with the ERA.

Whatever your issue, call our AdviceLine team on 0800 300 362 and we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

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Meet the Legal Team

We have a team of advisors, lawyers and consultants who do more than take a case – they’ll help you solve problems and build your business and a future.

Give us a call on 0800 300 362 between 8am-8pm Mon-Thu and 8am-6pm Fri.

Paul O'Neil

Head of Legal, Consultancy and General Counsel

A former commercial litigator with a strong background in commercial litigation, financial crime and counter fraud, Paul leads the EMA’s expert Legal team, which gives members advice and support with employment law and representation. 

Paul also heads up the Consulting team which provides solutions to Employment Relations, Human Resources and Health Safety issues. Paul brings his wide-ranging experience from overseeing civil and criminal proceedings at the Financial Markets Authority, and as Deputy Chief Executive Operations and General Counsel at the Serious Fraud office, to advise businesses on how to deal with tricky issues – or avoid them altogether. 

While Paul directs the team, he is also passionate about being hands-on with businesses on the large and small issues that can reduce risk, saving them time, energy and money.

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